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Packaging Capabilities


Compact Industries offers endless packaging design options to ensure your product leaves our facility exactly how you want it presented and sold. Whether you want flexible pouches or a variety of rigid containers, Compact can do it. Below is an outline of the existing packaging capabilities at Compact Industries. If you don’t see the packaging specification you require, that doesn’t mean we cannot do it. Compact’s partnership philosophy dictates our willingness to work with our customers when new packaging equipment is required--whatever it takes!

Flexible Pouches/Packaging

Compact can handle an array of Flexible Pouches/Packaging options. Fill weights and ranges are as flexible as our machines.  Options include: single serve, resealable, stand-up.

Manufacturing Lines for Flexible Pouches/Packaging:

Vertical Form Fill and Seal
Horizontal Form Fill and Seal (high speed and intermittent motion)
Stik-Packs: Single serve stik-packs 3/4" - 2 1/2" widths 


Display Cartons (auto bottom and glue sealed)


Rigid Container Packaging

Compact packs a wide selection of Rigid Container options.

Container Structures for Rigid Containers:

Round Plastic Cans and Composite Cans (currently 211, 307, 401, 502, 603)
Round Plastic Jars
Rectangular Plastic Jars
Plastic Buckets
Tray Packs

Additional Packaging Features

Tamper-Evident Seal Application
Inkjet Coding
Plastic/Metal Capping System
Over-Capping for Composite and Plastic Cans
Product Bundling
Coupon applications
Variety Packs
Metal Detection
Weight Checking